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To host an activity email John at Also send an email to Wayne.

(our 19th year)

Thank you for your support!

Saturday, December 29

It's back!
The traditional, all-group, ultra-inclusive
It's a Game Night.  It's a Potluck. 
It's a Gift Exchange. 
It's FREE!
Saturday, December 29, 2018.  5:15 p.m. until 9:45
(Yeah, it's after Xmas, but we can still have some holiday fun)
Great Hall at Plummer Park
( 7377 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046)
(use Plummer Park parking, carpools recommended)
Bring games! Bring a wrapped gift! 
Bring a potluck dish (see Notes below)! Bring a beverage! 
Bring an appetite and have a good time!
This party is FREE!
No door charge (with timely RSVP), 
but this is a fundraiser for MENSWALK.
There will be a jar at the door for donations. 
Please give generously.
MENSWALK is the AIDS Walk Team that represents CMEN, LANG, CMG, and many individuals here in town. This year,
MENSWALK raised over $8000 for the AIDS Walk and placed 20th among all teams participating. 
Yes, that makes MENSWALK a GOLD TEAM for the 2018 AIDS Walk in Los Angeles. 
Most of the time, MENSWALK raises money for the Walk, but every now and then we need to raise funds to pay for the
web presence, shirts, etc.  This is that time.  
 (If we raise a lot more than MENSWALK needs, the excess will be donated to AIDS Walk 2019.)
We need a few guys to help set up and take down, as well as helping maintain the buffet in order, etc.  
We don't need very many volunteers for this event, but CMEN is generously offering two certificates (good for 
CMEN parties) to men who help out.
If you're willing to help us, say so in your RSVP.
RSVP by emailing
Your RSVP is important! We need to have adequate supplies, water, ice, etc. We can onlydo this 
if we know how many are coming. 
RSVP DEADLINE: DECEMBER 26 at 8:00 p.m.  
There's a lot going on at this party, and the following notes will help you to get the most out of it:
Potluck key: Last name starts A-F, dessert; G-L, side dish; M-S, main dish; T-Z, salad… We can't cook anything and
please cut up, e.g., whole chickens. Serving dishes and utensils much appreciated.  
Beverages: MENSWALK will supply water, ice and cups. If you want something different, bring it.  Alcoholic
beverages are NOT ALLOWED in Plummer Park.
Games: A significant part of the festivities will be a game night, which you may or may not be familiar with. WE
NEED MEN TO BRING GAMES!  It's not much fun to stand around for hours waiting for the gift exchange.  You may 
never have played the game that's open, but your fellow players will teach you! 
Gift Exchange: Please bring a WRAPPED gift, something you would like to receive yourself.  Value under $30, but
again, it should be something you'd be happy to get.  YOU CAN ONLY PARTICIPATE IN THE GIFT EXCHANGE IF YOU BRING A
GIFT.  This should be obvious, but we're stating it here anyway. 
Dress Code: Sorry, but it's Plummer Park, and the City requires us to be clothed for this party.  Besides, the
fact it's also a party means we may have women in attendance. Please make them feel welcome and

Food definitions
POTLUCK: means entree, side dish, salad, dessert, etc. (REQUIRED) PLUS a non-alcoholic beverage to share (optional but appreciated).
Potluck does NOT include snacks, chips, vegetable trays, etc. but you may bring these "in addition to" an entree or side dish)
Please do YOUR part to provide a great variety of "dinner" food for our potlucks.

Game nights cost money and time to host and clean up before and after.
Without willing hosts we have fewer game nights.

Show your appreciation
1) Help with some of the cleanup before you leave.
2) It is VERY IMPORTANT that you give the host a couple dollars (or more) each time
you attend to help with the cost of eating utensils, cups and plates;
plus cleaning supplies, electricity, heat, wear and tear, etc.
If hosting game nights doesn't cost them much money they will be inclined
to host more of them.


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Don't be inconvenienced by an occasional change that you are not aware of.

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Live in Orange County or the Inland Empire? You too can host a game night!

The Fun And Games Club is a volunteer organization that depends on your generosity
in hosting events. To schedule and host a game night (or another activity)
in the greater Los Angeles area FIRST email John at
Then also immediately send emails to John and to Wayne with the same information.
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Frequently Asked Questions