Frequently Asked Questions
About our Game Nights

Q. What kind of games do you play?
A. Board games and card games. Games available usually include Uno, Beyond Balderdash, Trivial Pursuit, Taboo, and many more.

Q. Is there a cost involved or some kind of membership?
A. We ask that those who attend give a couple dollars to the host to cover their costs, including, utensils, cups, plates, electricity, heat, wear and tear, clean-up supplies, etc.

Q. Do you have certain rules of conduct (such as no smoking and/or drinking, etc.)?
A. There is little (if any) drinking but it is not prohibited (getting drunk is prohibited however). Smokers go outside to smoke.

Q. What's the general atmosphere, relaxed, or hardcore - how would you describe it?
A. Relaxed. No sexual activities (or cruising) allowed or wanted. We are there to have fun playing games.

Q. What is your group like, what kind of men are involved, etc.?
A. A varied group with guys of all ages (18+).

Q. Can I bring a game I want to play, or does the host determine what's played?
A. There is normally a variety of popular games available which can vary from event to event. You are more than welcome to bring your own games too. The games played at any given event are determined by those in attendance based upon the interest of a number of people wanting to play a particular game. Several games are usually being played at the same time. The host never determines the games that are played.

Q. Is it a bring your own whatever to drink and eat?
A. Most game nights are "potluck" or "bring snacks and soda to share." It is noted in the announcement for each event.

Q. Is it mostly singles, or couples?
A. Mostly singles but we have some couples too. All are welcome.

Q. Are new people welcome, or does the new guy stand out?
A. New people are always welcome and do NOT stand out. You are welcome to come and have fun with us. That is why we have placed ads in various publications and have this website.

Q. How many people usually attend events?
A. At the present time we have from 20-40 guys at each party.

Q. Does one need to RSVP to the host?
A. Normally not. If it is ever required it will be included in the information for that specific event. Just come and have fun with us.

Q. What about events other than game nights?
A. We may have varied activities other than game nights. We encourage those who are interested in other activities to propose and/or host these activities. Some other activities incur an outside cost (such as bowling, movies, dinners, trips, etc.). However, game nights are our primary focus and we will always have many of them throughout the year.

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